A Traynor Triumph!

A Traynor Triumph!

For the first time in history, San Joaquin College of Law played host to the Traynor Moot Court Competition this year. Fourteen law schools competed, including teams from Berkeley, Hastings, McGeorge, and Davis. San Joaquin College of Law was thrilled when Justice Marvin R. Baxter announced on the morning of April 14th the SJCL team had “edged out” Loyola to take the Roger J. Traynor trophy for Best Oral Argument.

SJCL provides me with the essential fortitude that I need to enrich myself both personally and professionally.

SJCL provides me with the essential fortitude that I need to enrich myself both personally and professionally.

Cinderela Co, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

"With a dedicated faculty and staff serving as the student’s foundation, anybody with a genuine determination in pursuit of a legal career will be able to live up to the reputation they ultimately desire."

The Graduates of SJCL

The Graduates of SJCL

SJCL graduates have distinguished themselves professionally. Among them are judges and court commissioners, the Fresno, Tulare, and Madera County District Attorneys, the California Health and Human Services Secretary, the Fresno County Clerk, the former Deputy Director of the California Environmental Protection Agency, and practitioners in every area of public and private service.

Alumni Panel Forum

Alumni Panel Forum

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 | 7-9pm

You are invited to SJCL to our Alumni Panel Forum to listen to SJCL graduates talk about their career path. This event will help you to better understand what options a degree in law can provide. Prospective law students and currently enrolled SJCL students and graduates are welcome to attend.

Attorneys are needed now more than ever.

Attorneys are needed now more than ever.

Jacqueline Plata, Bachelors in Political Science

"Reading all those articles out there about the bad economy and poor job market started to make me worry about job prospects after law school. But then I realized, I could not think of a single one of my colleagues from SJCL that did not have a job."

At SJCL I am not just a student ID number to a professor.

At SJCL I am not just a student ID number to a professor.

Katelen Weisenberger, Bachelors in Political Science

"At SJCL I am not just a student ID number to a professor. I am a familiar face expected to engage in class discussion. To the administration, I am a colleague whom they see daily. SJCL is not just a school I will graduate from and forget, but an invaluable network and family I will always remember."

Alumni Panel Forum

Alumni Panel Forum

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 | 7-9pm

Are you curious what you can do with a law degree? Learn from a panel of San Joaquin college of Law alumni in this free forum and discover the multitude of applications a law degree can provide. Moderated by SJCL Dean Jan Pearson, panelists will focus on the benefits of following a specific career path and how best to prepare, offering their own diverse experiences as examples.

Being an immigrant gave me firsthand experience of difficulties in the immigration process.

Being an immigrant gave me firsthand experience of difficulties in the immigration process.

Tanvir Joshi, Bachelor of Arts in Law

"I always wanted to help people from diverse cultures to understand difficult immigration processes.And now working at NALC clinic started by SJCL, and providing free legal help is like a dream come true."

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June 9, 2014


Latest News

  • Professors Jeffrey G. Purvis & Justin Atkinson
    Attorney and former United Airlines pilot Gary Winter (Law ’06) joins San Joaquin College of Law Professors Jeffrey G. Purvis and Justin Atkinson in a discussion of the legal challenges presented by...
    14 April 2014
  • FCBA Names Zekian Scholarship Winners
    The Fresno County Bar Association, in association with the Zekian Scholarship Committee, proudly announce the two recipients of the Spring 2014 Zekian Scholarships. Each winner receives $2,500.00 in...
    01 April 2014
  • “She’s the Shoe Box Girl”
    Missy Mckai Cartier PIO SJCL It’s a title 14-years-in-the-making for San Joaquin College of Law student Kristina Garabedian.  It began around that time her father, dentist and SJCL alumnus Dr. Robert...
    01 April 2014
  • SJCL Adds Gregory Olson to Fulltime Faculty
    Gregory Olson has joined the full-time faculty of San Joaquin College of Law as the Legal Director of the New American Legal Clinic (NALC). In addition to supervising students in NALC, Gregory will...
    01 April 2014
  • Over-Due Diligence: National Library Week Everyone!
     By Pete Rooney –San Joaquin College of Law
    April 13th-19th is National Library Week. This is an opportunity to celebrate and support libraries and all the things that they do. Why do libraries...
    01 April 2014
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Donor Honor Roll

San Joaquin College of Law thanks the following individuals and organizations for their gifts.Their generosity helps SJCL deliver an outstanding academic program to students.

August 1, 2012- July 31, 2013

Gifts of $25,000+
Granville Homes, Inc.

Gifts of $10,000-24,999
Mark Borba
Ross Borba (Board)

Gifts of $5,000-9,999
The Bertha and John Garabedian Charitable Foundation
Donna Korotie (’85)
Hon. Annette LaRue
Leon S. Peters Foundation
SJCL Alumni Association
Kimberly Sweidy (’85)
Richard Watters
Christopher Watters (’07)
Nick Zinkin (’01)

Gifts of $2,500-4,999
Campagne, Campagne & Lerner
Thomas Campagne (’75)
Central California Bankruptcy Association
Cornwell & Sample
Dias Law Firm, Inc.
Michael Dias (’93 and Board)
Darryl Freedman (’93)
Carlyn Robbins (Staff)
Rene Sample (’88)
SJCL Student Bar Association

Gifts of $1,000-2,499
American Board of Trial Advocates
Randolph Ataide (’86)
Baker, Manock & Jensen
Hal Bolen
C. William Brewer (’76)
Julia Brungess (’82)
Karen Buck (’96)
Denise Cahill (’04)
Missy McKai Cartier (Staff)
Richard Cartier (Faculty & Board)
Fran Christiansen (’79)
Deborah Coe Hood (’91 & Board)
Michael Condry (’80)
Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity
Germaine Dias
Greg Durbin (Board)
Michael Elder (’05)
Fresno Regional Foundation
Craig Fry (’00)
Allison Gong-Dummitt (’96)
Jan Kahn (Board)
H. Ty Kharazi (’96)
Stephanie Krause (’00)
Joan Lassley (Staff)
John Loomis (Board)
Lozano Smith
Laurie Renton Mendes Foundation
Anthony Mendes (Board)
John Mesrobian (’79)
McCormick Barstow, LLP
Mark Miller
Hon. Lawrence
& Mrs. Kathy O’Neill
Warren Paboojian (’85)
Janice Pearson (Faculty)
Kathryn & Robert Price (Tax ’87)
Purvis and Elder, LLP
Peter Rooney (Faculty)
Sierra IP Law, PC
Lisa Smittcamp (’95)
Steven Spencer (Board)
Soroptimist International
of Clovis
Wawona Packing Company, LLC
Wells Fargo Foundation
Melissa White (’96)
Robert Williams (’75)

Gifts of $500 – 999
Lance Armo (’95)
Baker, Peterson & Franklin
Dennis Bean
Gary Brunsvik (’00)
Deborah Byron (’82)
Central Valley Community Bank
Hon. Nancy Cisneros (’80)
Clinton Cummins (’90)
Katherine Donovan
Joanna Ebner (’05)
Judith Hall (’91)
Ronald Henderson (’80)
Robert Hirth (’96)
LBJ Properties
Hon. W. Richard Lee (’85)
Robert Lindsay (’92)
Linda and Samuel Lucido
Dianna Madison (’01 and Board)
Madison Family Trust
Hon. Robert Oliver (Board)
Sally Perring (Faculty)
Judy Rogers (’04 and Board)
Margaret (’93)
& Howard Shainberg
Regina Tanner (’95)
Scott VanWagenen (’92)
Dennis Veeh
David (‘92 and Board) & Lillian (’02) Weiland
Hon. Georgia York (’78)

Gifts of $250 – 499
Hon. Gary Austin (’76)
Mark Blum (’92)
Ronald Calhoun (’88)
Claire Carroll (’05)
The Devin & Claire Carroll Family Trust
Jennell Casillas
James Demsey
Fletcher & Fogderude
Eric Fogderude
Robert (’81) & Sharon Garabedian
John Garland (’84)
James and Coke Hallowell
Katherine Hart (’77)
Maureen Hayes
Sara Hedgpeth-Harris (’86)
Gary Hill (’78)
David Ibarra (’10)
Bennie McGriff (’08)
John “Wes” Merritt
Jennifer Morrison (’99)
Douglas Noll (Board)
Lizabeth Pitcock (Staff)
Gregory Powell (’95)
Eduardo Ruiz (’95)
Jessica Smith Bobadilla (Faculty)
Hon. Barbara St. Louis (’80)
Adam Stirrup (’08)
Sara Widener-Brightwell (’94)
James Witherow (’87)

Gifts of $249 – 100
Dede Agrava (’07)
David Alderson (’94)
Justin Atkinson (Faculty)
Norman Avedian
Harout Bouldoukian (Board)
Deborah Boyett (’01)
Robert Broughton (’78)
Harry Brown (’87)
Peter Bunting (’85)
Hon. Jane Cardoza (Board)
C. Michael Carrigan (’92)
Rachel Cartier (’11)
Sue Cercone (’89)
James Cipolla (’94)
Peter Cowper (’88)
Victoria Denny (Staff)
Joby Dupuis (’85)
William Frank (’85)
Bret Grove (’06)
Brande Gustafson (’09)
Law Offices of Kevin D. Gunner and Rex Haught
Kevin Gunner (’86)
Douglas Haas (’82)
Jason Hamm
Timothy Hart (’83)
Ima Jean Harvey (’75)
William Hazen (’86)
Helon & Manfredo
Marvin Helon (’78)
Hon. Dale Ikeda
Flora Istanboulian (’87)
Scott Jones (’07)
Timothy Magill (’78)
Magill Law Offices
Doris Manock
David Margolin (’11)
Pamela McFarland (’85)
Sandra McIntyre (’99)
James Mele (’76)
Joyce Morodomi (Staff)
Carol Moses (’92)
David Mugridge (’85)
Jared Nelson (Staff)
Erik Peterson (’07)
Teresa Petty (’07)
Hon. R.L. Chip Putnam(’75)
Mary Rau (’91)
Patrick Ricchiuti
David Rendahl (’95)
Vernon Reynolds (’10)
Richard Ruiz (’06)
Steven Salazar (’84)
Robin Schumacher
Hon. Stephen Sefton (’78)
Sentry Insurance Foundation, Inc.
John Shehadey (’81)
Thomas Snyder (’82)
Nancy Stegall (’96)
Malcolm Stewart (’77)
Sharon Stull (’85)
Dr. Vivian Vidoli
Elizabeth Waldow (’09)
Judy Ward (’74)
Walter & Wilhelm Law Group
Howard Watkins
Kasi Welte (Staff)
Bob Whalen (Board)
Alicia Wrest (’10)
Thomas Zynda (’93)

Jason Antoyan (’09)
Tracy Blair (’98)
Miriam Cooper (’95)
Cooper & Cooper
Rachel Cuadros
Lisa Cutts (’11)
Sofian Dawood (’04)
Ambra Dorsey (’08)
Lisa Ellis (’05)
Gerald Farrington (’80)
Kristina Garabedian
Dorlie Goodger
Raymond Isleib (’08)
Kenneth Jorgensen (’02)
Hon. David Kalemkarian
Linda Kelly (’86)
Denise Kerner (’83 & Faculty)
Sobeida Lemus De Serna
Jeannie Lewis (Staff)
Kathleen McKenna (’99)
Debra Mosley (’00)
Jonathon Rooker (’09)
Mio Quatraro (’74)
Linda Richardson (’95)
Cynthia Robinson (Staff)
Hon. Houry Sanderson (’87)
James Sanderson (’80)
Nancy Silacci (‘80)
Peggy Smith
Dennis Speer (’94)
Roger Stewart
Thagik and Sevag Tateosian (’08)
Gregory Tanner (’90)
Jim Trevino (’99)
Jill Waller-Randles (Staff)
Peter Wasemiller (’82)
Gwen Watt
Maureen Wolf (’91)

Donation of Books to the Library
Gary Caine (’12)
James Kalomiris (’99)
Miles, Sears & Eanni
Shelly Rai
Philip Tavlian (’80)
Mary Viancourt
Richard Watters

In-Kind Gifts
Kellie Boos (’13)
Rich Caglia (’99 & Board)
City of Clovis
California Raisin Marketing Board
Cru Winery
Mimi’s Café
Price, Paige & Company
Steven Spencer
Wawona Frozen Foods


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