Annual Giving

These gifts are unrestricted funds that support the operating budget of the school in its tradition of excellence in attracting top-notch students, distinguished faculty, research and technology and much more. At the heart of annual giving is alumni and friends who give back to help sustain the law school’s educational endeavors.

Capital or Endowment Gifts

Capital gifts are typically larger, one-time gifts that support construction of new facilities, such as the new SJCL Law Library.

Endowment gifts allow for the donation to have a much greater impact over a long period of time due to the stipulation that it be invested and the principal be in tact. These gifts reduce the dependence on tuition income and make it possible to substain long term commitments to faculty, students, and academic programs.


These funds support students who have demonstrated financial need, community involvement and a strong academic record. SJCL currently offers over 30 scholarship opportunities.

San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review

The San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review, founded in 1990, is published by the students of San Joaquin College of Law, which is located in California’s Central Valley, one of the richest agricultural regions in the world.  The San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review presents student and scholar works on legal issues affecting our nation’s most vital industry – agriculture.  The topics discussed in each volume are always of current interest to those in agriculture, government, business and law.