SJCL alumni sworn in to the bar include (Front Row L to R): Ingrid Caero, Christina Piña, Brittaney Contreras, and Allison Ryan.  Back Row: Carmen Kalashian, Matt Lear, Brandon Hamparzoomian, David Devencenzi, Janay Kinder, Richard Placido, and D'Artagnan Montrose.  Other SJCL grads sworn in but not pictured: Lenore Christensen and Carey Haydon.

Our Newest Colleagues

“There are very few aspects of American life not touched by law.”  Associate Justice Kathleen Meehan was the first to address the prospective admittees to the bar after Justice Herbert Levy convened Court of December 6th in the B. F. Sisk Courthouse.  Justice Meehan asked the prospective attorneys to “honor the high purpose of the profession,” adding that pro bono work “brings us closer to our goal of liberty and justice for all.”

State Bar Board of Trustees Representative Mark Broughton echoed her call for pro bono help, adding that equal access to justice is a primary concern of the State Bar. Meanwhile, U.S. Magistrate Judge Erica Grosjean seemed to indicate it was a duty in that attorneys do more than earn a license; they take an oath, joining the cause of “supporting, defending, and upholding the rule of law.”  She added “What does it matter?  It’s all about justice, the most righteous cause there is.”

Nearly every speaker touched on the priority of maintaining a good reputation in the practice of law, exhibiting honesty, integrity and civility in every action.  Superior Court Presiding Judge Kimberly Gaab drew laughter when she put it quite simply: “You can be the good advocate without being the jerk.”

Congratulations to the new admittees, including:  

Daniel J. Aishaha
Asher Shepley Anderson,
Jessica Marie Boujikian
Ingrid Veronica Caero
Lenore Choa Christensen
Brittaney Lauren Contreras
Sean Daru
David Aaron Devencenzi
Justin Donner
Richard Alexander Dunia
Michael J. Eastwood
Adilene Flores Estrada
Karndeep Singh Gill
Sharise Renae Grote
Brandon Alan Hamparzoomian
Carey Leanne Haydon
Tricia A. Herrera
Carmen A. Kalashian
Janay Deborah Kinder
Matthew Lear
Daniel K. Marvin
D’Artagnan Romanle Montrose
Christina Chavez Pina
Richard Joseph Placido
Allison Marie Ryan
Giulio A. Sanchez
Sophia L. Wang
Robert James Willis III