San Joaquin College of Law is one of the most affordable law schools in California. Not only does the low cost of tuition and access to federal loans make SJCL very affordable but also the cost of living in this region is much lower than in larger cities.

Along with the low cost of living, the annual cost of tuition for our three year program (based on the 2017 per unit fee of $950) totals $27,233 on average per year. The cost of tuition for our four year program averages $20,425 annually per year. To learn more about the costs associated with San Joaquin College of Law, please visit our Tuition Page.

SJCL students enjoy the comforts of a small town feel in the middle of a metropolitan area.  Located in downtown Clovis, and nestled in a park-like setting in close proximity to the Clovis City Hall and Police Department, SJCL is surrounded by shopping, restaurants, and housing within walking distance.

Another benefit to attending law school in this community is there is plenty of free student parking and minimal traffic. Unlike Los Angeles or San Francisco, students use the time that would have been spent on the road in traffic, in the library studying instead. Come and enjoy the comforts of attending law school at SJCL where affordability in tuition and cost of living is more desirable than other areas of California.

SJCL makes it possible to achieve a law degree without staggering debt. When deciding between law schools many students choose San Joaquin College of law to achieve their goals affordably.


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