All students are members of the San Joaquin College of Law Student Bar Association (SBA). The SBA is an elected body, funded by student fees, whose goal is to represent the interests of all students and vote on issues that reflect the concerns of the student body. The SBA helps new students adjust to SJCL by coordinating student activities and events, as well as make law school as much fun as it can possibly be.The SBA also sponsors annual events to encourage a sense of community at SJCL, including the Back to School Party and the Barristers Ball. The SBA funds annual scholarships every spring and recipients are announced at the Barristers Ball.

SBA Officers

Joseph Good

Yvette Case

Jared Bertoni

Roxanna Alchian


SBA Representatives

Fourth Year Representatives
Darcy Brown

Third Year Representatives
Gladdey Donsanouphit
Rena Harrison

Second Year Representative
Adriana Mendoza-Gurrola
Grace Zeluff
Jesus Pereda Jr.

First Year Representative
Jordan Scrivner
Kelsey Schulteis