As a registered student, you are allocated 1500 free copies/prints, for the academic year, from the copier/printer located in the library. These are accessed through your copy/print passcode, which was provided to you at registration. Below is the list of commonly asked questions and answers about the copier/printer and SJCL’s policies. Please take a moment to read it over and become more familiar with how printing and copying works at SJCL.

  1. How many copies/prints do I get and for how long? 
    • You are allotted $150 of copy/prints per academic year at $.10 each totaling 1,500. Each year coincides with the academic year from August until the end of May.
  2. 1,500, is that going to be enough for me?
    • For most students, 1,500 copies/prints are more than enough for the academic year. If not, see question #9.
  3. If I want to print from my laptop how do I connect to the printer/copier?
    • Instructions to connect to the printer/copier are found in the Support Guides section of our website. There are also printed instructions on the wall in the library copy machine room.
  4. If I want to photocopy, how do I do it?
    • Instructions for logging in and out of the copier/printer are posted just above the machine in the library.
  5. What happens if I don’t log out of the machine?
    • When you photocopy, the machine will automatically log you out after 45 seconds of inactivity. So, if you forget to logout of the machine it will eventually do it, however, it is very important to remember to log out. If someone follows behind you and starts copying before the system automatically logs out, it will be charged to your account. Unfortunately, we cannot correct or be responsible for this type of event. Instructions for logging out are on the wall behind the copy machine.
  6. Do I need to logout after printing from my computer?
    • Yes
  7. How do I know how many copies/prints I have used or have left? 
    • Follow Me Print will display the cost of the current print job and your remaining balance.
  8. If I make two sided copies/prints, does that charge $.10 or $.20?
    • We are charged by the vendor for each image put on the page, so a double sided copy/print would be charged $.20. If you reduce the size and copy two pages of a book onto one page, it will charge $.10.
  9. What happens if I deplete my balance?
    • If you have depleted your printing/copying allotment, you will not be able to print without purchasing additional amounts. You can add more funds to your print account through
  10. What happens if I don’t use all of my allotment?
    • Excess allotted and purchased copies WILL NOT CARRY OVER TO THE NEW ACADEMIC YEAR.
  11. What If I am printing for an SJCL organization or group?
  12. What if I lose my ID card?
    • You will need to fill out a replacement ID form and pay the $5 fee.
  13. What happens if there is an error and I print or photocopy something I don’t want?
    • Unfortunately, we cannot correct your account when you make errors.
  14. Is there a way to scan and make digital copies? 
    • Yes, you can scan materials on the copier/printer to your Microsoft OneDrive. Please keep in mind copyright restrictions under Title 17 of the United States Code. Directions on how to scan items are found in the copy room.
  15. Does using the scanner cost anything?
    • No, scanning is free and unlimited.

If you have further questions, please contact the IT help desk.