For each clinical, a student is required to:

  1. Prepare a “Clinical Information Form” and “Clinical Course Outline”:  In developing the outline, the student should discuss, with the prospective supervisor, the range of tasks s/he will be expected to perform during the clinical.  The student should then submit the Clinical Information Form and Clinical Course Outline to the Director of Career Services prior to beginning work for which the student intends on earning credit.
  2. Register for the Clinical Units: Prior to beginning work for which the student intends on earning credit, the student must register and pay for the clinical units.  Registration for clinical units need not coincide with registration for regular classes.
  3. Maintain a Daily Time Log:  During the clinical, students must keep track of the hours worked and the project or task undertaken during those hours on a Daily Time Log.
  4. Ten Pages of Written Product for Each Unit:  For each 1 unit of clinical credit a student must submit 10 pages of written product.  Typically, students submit work product, either internal or external legal memoranda, produced during their clinical experience.
  5. When Clinical is Complete:  When the student has completed the clinical hours, the student must submit to the Director of Career Services the Clinical Course Outline, signed or initialed by the supervising attorney, the Daily Time Log and the requisite written product.