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The San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review is published by the students of San Joaquin College of Law, located in California's Central Valley, one of the richest agricultural regions of the world. The law review presents student comments and professional articles on legal topics of current interest to those in agriculture, government, business and law.

A law review article publishable in the San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review is an examination of law, whether extant, proposed or advocated, which bears upon issues relating to agriculture. A writer is not restricted to any particular viewpoint, and the San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review welcomes novel and diverse points of view from all parts of the country.

The San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review has received judicial and critical recognition, and has been cited by the California Supreme Court, the California Appellate Court, the United States District Court, the New Mexico Court of Appeals, the Middle District of Tennessee and the Minnesota Supreme Court. Articles have also been cited in the annotations of several California statutes. Moreover, the San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review has been mentioned frequently in National Law Journal's "Worth Reading" column and is featured in Westlaw®, LexisNexis® and Hein On-Line®.

Recently, an article published in Volume 16 of the San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review entitled "Farm Family Succession Planning: Balancing Professional Responsibility with Client Needs for Help with Family Relationship Problems," written by John Becker, Matthew Kaplan, and Jon Nussbaum, was named a recipient of the American Agricultural Law Association's 2007 Professional Scholarship Award.

Additional information regarding professional article requirements can be found here. If you are interested in submitting an article for inclusion in the 2015 volume, please contact Executive Editor, Jennifer Nguyen-Bui at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..