When asked how she ended up in the field of Worker’s Comp, Sandoval says it was the first job she got after graduating San Joaquin College of Law in 2003.  She worked as an Associate Attorney for Jane Woodcock for two years before taking a position with the State Compensation Insurance Fund, where she has worked for the past decade. 

It isn’t until later in the conversation that she reveals how she is uniquely qualified to pore through the medical documents which accompany such claims; she is also a physician with a medical degree from U.C. San Diego.  She took time off after completing her first year of residency to have a family, but later turned her attention to law.

Sandoval says she loves what she does, “the variety of issues, the high volume, and the opportunity to negotiate settlements.”  She’s also excited about the new appointment, and “being the one to make the decisions, and be responsible for them.”