SJCL July 2017 barpassers include: Front Row: Carey Haydon, Janay Kinder, Christina Piña, Ingrid Caero, Brittaney Contreras, Allison Ryan, and Shanna Hesketh; Middle Row: D'Artagnan Montrose, Richard Placido, Jason Trupkin, Brandon Hamparzoomian, Alex De La Fuente, and Roshana Shirzad; Back Row: David Devencenzi, Michael Kerr, Jeffrey Castleton, Jeff Robinson, Matthew Lear, Jasdeep Lasher, and Elizabeth Mehling.  Also passing but not pictured: Lenore Christensen, Jaskaran Gill, Carmen Kalashian, Chris LeFever, James Orr, Elliot Pease, and Tara Tarasen

A Toast to 27 Barpassers

“Are you and your husband still together?”

The words from her daughter’s elementary school teacher hit Barpasser Richard Placido’s wife hard.

“Why would you ask that?

“Your daughter says she doesn’t think your husband is sleeping at the house anymore.”

That story was accompanied with laughs and a glass of bubbly at the Champagne Reception for San Joaquin College of Law barpassers on November 20th.  She recalls her husband leaving for school in the morning before their kids awoke and returning home after they were in bed.

Relief was just part of the joy, as families of bar passers recalled the stress of law school.  Ingrid Caero’s partner clearly remembers plying her with candy in the days leading up to the Bar, while Christina Piña’s son says he never had to worry about her stress, mainly because she was never around.  Christina will be home more, but still busy; she is among the majority of bar passers who had a “You pass, you’re hired” offer from a law firm.  She will be an Associate Attorney for Gina Barsotti. 

Meanwhile, David Devencenzi has been picked up by the Law Offices of Nathan McMurry; Shannna Hesketh becomes the newest Associate Attorney at the Sawl Law Group; D’Artagnan Montrose heads to Michael Sullivan & Associates; Brittaney Contreras becomes an Associate at Fagen, Friedman & Fulfrost; Allison Ryan is now an Associate Attorney at Motschiedler, Michaelides, Wishon, Brewer & Ryan; Jeffrey Castleton joins the Castleton Law Firm in Merced; Matt Lear has been picked up by the Yarra Law Group; Brandon Hamparzoomian becomes the newest Associate at Coleman & Horowitz; Janay Kinder joins the Mugridge Moran Law Firm as an Associate Attorney; and Jaskaran Gill moves into an Associate Attorney position at Griswold LaSalle.

At least four other barpassers are awaiting word from various District Attorneys’ Offices in the Valley while another is hoping for a Public Defender position. 

Barpasser Jason Trupkin is among the few without a job offer, possibly because he hasn’t sent out a single resume.  Trupkin, along will fellow barpassers Michael Kerr and Carmen Kalashian, is a veteran.  He says his ten years of service in the U.S. Coast Guard gave him the discipline to succeed in law school.  It may also have given him extra confidence.  As for the job hunt?  He just says “I’m not worried.”