Congratulations to the SJCL Class of 2017, including: Front Row (L-R) Ingrid Veronica Caero, Brittaney Lauren Contreras, Heidi Ree Falany, Tamera D. Casey, Jocelyne Edilia Hering, Jason Louis Trupkin, Devin Carin Swann, Allison Marie Ryan, Kuljit Singh, Christina Chavez Piña, Ivan G. Martinez; Middle Row (L-R) Michael John Kuchar, Andrea Marie Chapman, Jason Phillip Jackson, Janay Deborah Louise Kinder, D’Artagnan Romance Montrose II, Shanna Nicole Hesketh, Melanie Colette Contreras, Kayla Lauren Waters, Elizabeth Danielle Mehling, Manuel Parra, Jr., Richard Joseph Placido, Matthew Martin Lear; Back Row (L-R) Michael Allen Kerr, Niklas Kent Hugosson, Brandon Alan Hamparzoomian, Jaskaran Singh Gill, David Aaron Devencenzi, Jeffrey Curtis Castleton, Todd L. Rudder, Thomas John Niven, James Robert Campbell Orr, Kyle Robert Martin, Patrick Ethan Rossiter; Not Pictured: Jasdeep Singh Lasher 
The 44th graduating class from San Joaquin College of Law included 35 students, including those with degrees from Fresno State, U.C.L.A., U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Davis, Fresno Pacific, Brigham Young, C.S.U. Stanislaus, San Diego State University, C.S.U. Los Angeles, and others.

SJCL Alumnus Lisa Smittcamp addressed those at the May 27th Commencement celebration at the Saroyan Theatre

“Being a lawyer is really the chance to make a difference in the lives of other human beings.  As a lawyer, you have the opportunity to be the voice for people who sometimes don’t have an audible voice of their own.  In my world, those people are the victims of crime.”

She spoke about how, after her first six months as a Deputy District Attorney in Madera, living paycheck to paycheck, her mother asked her how she felt about her decision.  Smittcamp told her “Mom, I’d do this job for free.  It’s the best job I’ve ever had.”

She adds “This June, I will celebrate my 20th year in what I believe is the best job on Earth.  I have made my community a safer place to live, and I have served thousands of victims.”

In closing, Smittcamp told the Class of 2017 “My law degree from San Joaquin College of Law allows me the privilege to improve the lives of other people.  I hope you will use yours to do the same.”