This year's Constitution (and Citizenship) Day Celebration at San Joaquin College of Law will examine how the Constitution provided for voting in a self-governing nation, why the propertied white males who ratified the Constitution chose the relevant constitutional provisions, and what significance their choices have for modern Americans in this election year. Professor Jeffrey G. Purvis will aspire to present his constitutional analysis in a nonpartisan fashion, as always, but some of his political opinions may seep in when discussing the moral principles enshrined in our great founding document.

Join Professor Purvis at the Law School on Wednesday, September 21st at 5:30 p.m. as he marks another Constitution Day.

In the past, his topics have included titles such as “Death Panels Are Trying to Kill My Grandma,” “Virtual Mayhem: Why Does the US Supreme Court Want Our Children to Become Violent Killers?” and “Is It Constitutional for Me to Scream at Town Hall Meetings so that No One Else Can Be Heard?”