“That’s my chair!” Kendall Reynolds grabbed the same seat he held in the library during his four years of law school when he recently stopped by SJCL for a visit.
His parents dreamed that he would inherit the family’s construction business, which had been passed down from his grandfather.  But Kendall Reynolds had his own dream.

Reynold’s new position as a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration may seem like a detour from the normal path taken following law school, but the 2012 grad of San Joaquin College of Law says it was exactly his dream since high school.

“Working as a Federal Agent was always my goal and motivation, but I have been fortunate enough to have opportunities afforded along the way.”

Back then, working for his Father’s construction company, doing everything from pounding nails to procuring supplies, he knew he wanted to be a federal agent.  He also knew he would need an advanced degree to make that dream come true.

He dipped his toe in the pool while he was completing his degree in Criminology at Fresno State, taking on an internship with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.  He says he knew then he was on the right path.

While attending SJCL, he interned for both the Fresno and Tulare District Attorney’s Offices.  The Fresno D.A’s. Office made him an offer as he prepared for the Bar:  You pass, and you’re hired.  He learned he passed on a Friday.  The following Monday he was sworn in to the State Bar and as a Deputy District Attorney.  The next day, he was in court.

Nearly three years later, Reynolds learned he was one of the 48 people chosen out of 8,000 applications for a position as a Special Agent for the D.E.A.  Reynolds says it was a hard decision, not because he lost his desire to be a Special Agent, but rather because of his affection for his position as a prosecutor.

“I worked with great people, developed great friendships, and professional relationships,” he says.  “I loved being a D.A. because I grew up in this community and I felt that, as a D.A., I made a positive impact.”

“I lean on that experience of dealing not only with the law, but also dealing with victims, the public, and other attorneys.”

He adds his law degree not only gave him the opportunity to apply for the position, but honed his analytic and writing skills.  As a Special Agent, Reynolds primarily focuses on going after large-scale drug traffickers, both on the international and domestic fronts.  He says the D.E.A’s. breadth and reach is tremendous; it has offices in 67 countries and divisions ranging from aviation to diversion control. 

He sees more than just future opportunities; he sees current satisfaction. Whereas he previously prosecuted drug cases, he says he can now “have a real pro-active, hands-on impact, in that by taking out major narcotics distributors, I can hopefully prevent future street-level crimes.  More importantly, it may prevent drugs from getting into the hands of future users.”

Reynolds says he is a “huge Giants fan” who plays guitar in his spare time, but confides he is only “a solo, secret artist.”