Why Computer Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)?

  • WASC Compliance Formative Assesments
  • Prepared Lessons
  • Easy to Track Student Progress & Report

Sign up: http://www.cali.org/user/register
Contact Alicia Diaz Wrest (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to receive your Access Code

If you have any questions on these instructions or would like more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Library at 559/326-1552.

Researching Potential Lessons

  1. Once you have created an account, you will start at the home screen below.

  2. From the home screen you can click on the “LESSONS” tab to explore available topics and lessons.

  3. You can then click on a topic to see what specific lessons are available. In this example I have selected Civil Procedure. That selection takes you to the following page.

  4. You can then scroll through the page and see brief descriptions of the lessons available. If you click on the titles you can get even more information, or sample the lessons yourself. In this example I have selected the lesson titled, “The Erie Doctrine 1: Erie Basics.”

  5. Clicking on the link for that lesson brings you to this screen where you can start the lesson, bookmark the lesson, or use any of the teaching guides on the left side of the screen. This includes creating a LessonLink. There are separate instructions on LessonLink following these instructions, but it is worth noting that LessonLink is available in this screen. Also, note this screen indicates lesson completion time.


Creating LessonLinks

  1. You can create a LessonLink either by clicking on the LessonLink link on the lesson page as shown above, or by accessing LessonLink from the home screen through the CALI Dashboard.

  2. Clicking on the LessonLink link will take you to this screen. To begin you will want to select the “Create LessonLinks” tab. Please note that you can also access all LessonLink information in this screen.

  3. Once in the Create LessonLink tab you will fill out the specific information about the course and select a topic.

  4. Once you select a topic the page will expand to selections of lessons within any given topic. Select the topic or topics you would like to use. Then click submit.

  5. Once you click submit, you will see this screen. At the bottom of the screen is the LessonLink information. Simultaneously, you will receive an email to the email account you used to set up your CALI account.

  6. Once you receive this email, you can copy the LessonLink and email it to your students. The first link is a webpage that takes them to the LessonLink. The second takes them directly into the lesson.

  7. To check on progress, from the home screen, simply go to your CALI Dashboard and select LessonLink.

  8. This will show you your active LessonLinks and from there you can click on the DETAILS link to check student progress.

  9. Selecting DETAILS from above will take you to this screen. Students can set up their account by their EXAM ID so that we maintain the integrity of the blind grading system. The student instructions direct students to set up their account with their EXAM ID.


If you utilize CALI as part of your instruction model, we respectfully request that you print off or PDF the LessonLink Details and submit that information to Alicia Diaz Wrest, Law Library Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so that we can report the use of CALI as formative assessments for WASC purposes.