The Law Library is a private collection for the benefit of the students, staff, and faculty of SJCL. The collection is comprised of print items, the Making of Modern Law (an electronic database), and the provision of access to several electronic legal resources.

Physical Collection

You can access up-to-date information about our collection through our Online Public Catalog. The catalog contains information regarding all physical resources in the library and the location of each resource for access. The print collection is non-circulating, meaning that physical items cannot be checked out, and can only be used within the library.

Making of Modern Law

You can access all Making of Modern Law resources through the online public catalog. All resources available through the Making of Modern Law are hyperlinked within the catalog. To access any Making of Modern Law resource, you simply click the link located within the resource record. The link is embedded with a password, but if the password fails, simply contact the library proctor for access.

Electronic Resources

All students and faculty are provided with access to the following electronic resources:

During your first year at SJCL you will be provided all information necessary to access these resources. For Westlaw and LexisNexis, once your Legal Methods professor authorizes the library to issue you an account, you will receive specific information to create an individual account. For CALI, your Legal Methods professor will provide you with all information necessary to create an account, or you can contact the library at any time for access/account information. Hein Online, Intelliconnect, LexisNexis State Capital and CEB Onlaw can be accessed through the Resources tab on the Library’s webpage. Simply click the link to access the resource, no individual account is required. To use these resources you must either be connected to the SJCL WIFI, or provide your school credentials (this is the same username and password you use to access your SJCL e-mail account).

You may use any of these electronic resources at any time that is convenient to you, whether on or off campus. The use of these resources is restricted to educational purposes.