Contra Costa County has an excellent opportunity for interested individuals to gain up to three (3) years of trial experience as a public prosecutor in the District Attorney's Office. Those appointed to the class of Deputy District Attorney- Fixed Term are limited to one (1) appointment of up to 36 consecutive months, which begins at the date of hire. Long-term career opportunities with the District Attorney's Office may be available after the requisite experience as a prosecuting attorney has been attained.

The Deputy District Attorney- Fixed Term prepares and prosecutes misdemeanor and less complicated felony cases, and prepares various legal documents in connection with trial and legal proceedings. Incumbents also prosecute contested delinquency hearing in juvenile court and confer with defense staff, probation authorities, and court officials to discuss pleas, modification of charges, and presentation and examination of evidence prior to trial. In addition, the Deputy District Attorney- Fixed Term will perform a wide variety of legal research related to the preparation of cases, opinions, and briefs.

Deputy District Attorney- Fixed Term employees will be required to refrain from private law practice. Attorneys may furnish personal transportation for which they are reimbursed according to County policy. Promotional Opportunities: Deputy District Attorney- Fixed Term may promote, via competitive examination, to Deputy District Attorney- Basic level ($9,851 – $12,003).

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Posted: September 12, 2016