Provide holistic legal representation and services for victims of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual assault in Fresno County. Prepare legal documents; represent clients in court. Assist with volunteer training and management; advocate for clients with law enforcement and other agencies; provide training to other staff and the community; participate in community and agency committees.

Job Description

  • Provide full legal representation to domestic violence victims a year.
  • Supervise staff paralegal that will assist victims in filing for divorce, child custody, child support, unemployment assistance, housing, etc.
  • Fill existing gaps in victim services by offering free representation for and assistance with child custody, child support, divorce, unemployment compensation and housing matters.
  • Provide legal advice, assistance, and/or information regarding restraining orders and other family law matters, including dissolutions, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support.
  • Advocate for clients with law enforcement and other government and community agencies. Maintain client records and statistical data.
  • Coordinate the Legal Program component of the agency volunteer training. Provide periodic training for staff, volunteers and community groups on current legal issues and legal developments. Provide community education and outreach.
  • Meet with the project Mentoring Committee bi-weekly or as needed to provide legal guidance and professional advice for the staff attorney.  The Committee will also be used in an advisory capacity to help establish policies, procedures, and a conference schedule between mentors and the staff attorney.  Mentors may also assist staff attorney by reviewing forms, advising on legal tactics, and serving as an expert legal resource for the entire project.
  • Promote Marjaree Mason Center goals through participation on appropriate Fresno County committees and/or appropriate. Collaborate with legal and advocacy communities.
    Provide safety planning for victims.

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Posted: August 29, 2016