Clinical work heightens a student’s understanding of class content, enhances practical skills and introduces the student to the “real world” of law.  Students are eligible for clinical study upon the completion of the first year of law school.

Each unit of clinical study represents 72 hours of work. Up to 8 units of clinical study may be applied toward the Juris Doctor degree. A student is limited to earning 4 credits for hours worked in any single clinical placement absent prior approval by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs or the Director of Career Services.  Relevant factors in approving more than 4 units for a single clinical placement include: diversity of work assignments, special needs of employer for continuity on project, limited availability of clinical opportunities in student’s chosen field and consideration of student’s special circumstances. No distinction will be made between paid and unpaid clinical work on approval clinical placements, except that the New American Legal Clinic Director may set such limitation as they deem advisable. All students, however, are encouraged to participate in uncompensated work, beginning their professional obligation to engage in pro bono work.

IMPORTANT: Students must seek approval, register and pay for clinical units, as they would any other course, prior to beginning the work for which they plan on seeking credit.  Failure to complete this process prior to beginning work will result in denial of credit.