2018-'19 Academic Year Tuition and Fees

Description Cost
Tuition (per unit*) $950
Student Association Fee (Fall & Spring semester) $25
Registration Fee (per semester) $25
Technology Fee $200
Matriculation Fee $200

*A total of 86 units is required to complete the program.

The Matriculation Fee is assessed at the start of the student’s last semester. The fee is assessed regardless of whether or not the student participates in the graduation ceremony. The fee is refunded if the student fails to meet the academic requirements for graduation.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to qualifying students seeking help in meeting the cost of their educational endeavors. A Financial Aid Administrator is on staff to provide detailed information and assistance.

Financial aid application instructions and forms are updated each January at the school website, www.sjcl.edu/finaid, for the upcoming academic year. For continuing students, the deadline for submission of required financial aid forms is April 30 of each year. New students should complete the forms as early as possible, but no later than June 30 (exceptions can be made for late admits).

Non-refundable Service Specific Fees

These fees are for services rendered at the time the fees are paid and are non-refundable.

Description Cost
Application Fee $50
Enrollment Deposit $100
Late Registration Fee $40 (plus $5 per business day thereafter)
Deferred Payment Fee $15
Re-examination Fee $150
Schedule Change Fee $25
Transcript Fee $10
Returned Check Fee $20
Replacement Student ID $5
Examsoft Late Upload Fee $100 first incident, $250 second incident

No services will be provided by SJCL to or for any student or graduate who is delinquent in payment of tuition or fees at SJCL. San Joaquin College of Law reserves the right to change tuition and/or fees at any time.

Add/Drop Policy

A student may add or drop an individual class to his or her educational program in accordance with the following policy. If, in adding or dropping a class, a student’s course load for the semester either exceeds the maximum or drops below the minimum number of units allowed per semester (see the Student Handbook), permission of the Dean or Dean’s designee must be obtained.

A student may add a class prior to the first meeting of that class. After the first meeting, no class may be added without the written permission of the instructor. No class may be added after the third class meeting. Clinical courses are an exception and may be added at any time. A student must register and pay for clinical units prior to beginning the work for which they plan to seek credit.

Whenever a student adds a class, he or she is responsible for payment of the full tuition for that class. Substituting one class for another is considered adding a class.

To drop a class the student must notify the registrar of the law program in writing of his or her decision. A student may drop a class no later than two weeks prior to the final examination.In some classes, special deadline(s) may be announced. Failure to drop formally from a class by the established deadline results in a failing grade for that class.

Tuition refunds for dropped classes will be calculated from the date of the written notice. Any refund due a student will be paid within 30 days after written notification of the student’s decision to drop is received. Consult the schedule below to determine periods eligible for a refund. Caution: Reduction in units may jeopardize your financial aid.

Drop Refund Schedule

The following schedule applies when a student drops an individual class but does not completely withdraw from school. A student completely withdrawing from school should consult the SJCL Complete Withdrawal Refund Schedule.

Fall and Spring Semesters

Notification Date of Dropping Class Tuition Refund %
Day 1 through Day 21 of the semester* 100%
Day 22 and thereafter No Refund

Summer Semester

Notification Date of Dropping Class Tuition Refund %
Day 1 through Day 8 of the semester* 100%
Day 9 and thereafter No Refund

*All calculations are in calendar days beginning the first day of the semester

Complete Withdrawal

Official notice of complete withdrawal from school must be made in writing, electronically or verbally, to one of the following individuals:

  • Registrar
  • Financial Aid Administrator
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Assistant to Chief Financial Officer
  • Dean
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Students are strongly advised to submit a written notice of their withdrawal. Official withdrawal forms are available at the reception desk. The SJCL Withdrawal Refund will be calculated from the last documented day of attendance.

Complete Withdrawal Refund Policy

A student who elects to completely withdraw from SJCL may receive a refund if eligible in accordance with the following policies. Refunds are calculated based upon the total semester cost of tuition and fees less an administrative withdrawal fee not greater than $100. The refund policy is subject to change in accordance with federal and state regulations. For specific information regarding a student’s potential refund, the student is strongly urged to consult the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing.

These schedules apply only to complete withdrawal from SJCL. Students receiving Federal Direct Loans must also refer to the new federal Return of Title IV Funds Policy. A student dropping an individual class should refer to the schedule for dropping a class. (The 90% tuition/fee is not applicable to the summer term due to its length.)

Tuition & Fees

Time of Complete Withdrawal * Refund %**
On or before the 7th day of the semester 100%
On the 8th day of the semester and through completion of 10% of the semester 90%
Through completion of 25% of the semester 50%
Through completion of 50% of the semester 25%
After completion of 50% of the semester No Refund

*All calculations are in calendar days
**Tuition and fees less the administrative fee

Students who receive Federal Title IV Direct Loans (unsubsidized and Grad PLUS) must also consult the FEDERAL RETURN OF TITLE IV FUNDS POLICY. In effect this policy will mean that students who receive Federal Direct Loans may owe SJCL money for tuition if they withdraw prior to the 60% point in the semester.

Return of Title IV Loan Funds Policy (For Federal Direct Loan Recipients)

The Higher Education Amendments of 1998, Public Law 105-244 changed substantially the way funds paid toward a student’s education are to be handled when a recipient of Title IV Federal Student Financial Aid Funds (Federal Direct Loans) withdraws from school. Now federal financial aid recipients are subject to two different calculations when they withdraw completely from school. The first, which applies to all law students at SJCL, is the complete Withdrawal Refund Policy that calculates the amount of fees the school is entitled to receive for institutional expenses when any student withdraws completely from school. The other, which only applies to students who are federal student financial aid recipients, is the statutory Return of Title IV Funds Policy which calculates the amount of federal financial aid earned at the time a student withdraws and requires any unearned funds be returned to the financial aid program(s). (If a student’s last date of attendance for the semester is after the 60% point the student has earned all of the Title IV loan funds and no funds are returned. If a student’s last date of attendance for the semester is on or before the 60% point the unearned portion of Title IV loan funds must be returned. Refer to the following Return of Title IV Loan Funds policy for an explanation of the calculation.)

Calculation of Amount of Title IV Federal Loans Earned
Through the 60% point in each payment period or semester, a pro rata schedule is used to determine how much federal student loan aid the student has “earned” at the time of withdrawal. The percentage earned is calculated by dividing the number of calendar days in the semester completed as of the last documented day of attendance by the number of calendar days in the semester (excluding scheduled breaks of 5 days or more). The resulting percentage is multiplied by the net amount of financial aid received, or that could have been received, to determine the amount of aid “earned.”

Calculation of Unearned Title IV Federal Loan Funds to be Returned
The difference between the net amount of aid received and the amount earned is the amount of “unearned” aid that must be returned. The school is responsible for returning the lesser of 1) the amount of unearned aid received or 2) the percentage of aid unearned multiplied by the amount of institutional charges (tuition, registration fee and student association fee) for the semester. The student is responsible for returning any remaining unearned financial aid. Students can return unearned loan amounts in accordance with the terms of the promissory note.

The key thing to understand about the RETURN OF TITLE IV FUNDS POLICY is that a student loan recipient who stops attending classes at or before the 60% point in the semester may owe the school money for tuition. The closer to the 60% point a student withdraws the more money he or she may owe the school. However, the earlier a student withdraws the less his or her student loan debt will be, and overall educational costs will be less also.

Students considering withdrawing from San Joaquin College of Law are strongly urged to contact the Financial Aid Office to ensure they understand all of the financial implications.

Refund Distribution

Where a refund is applicable, SJCL must return funds in the following order under federal regulations:

  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized
  • Federal Grad PLUS
  • Other Federal, Title IV assistance programs
  • Other Federal, State, private or institutional assistance programs
  • Student